French chic and fashion

French style is the phrase that is whispered as something delicate, aery and subtle. French women always exert attention and delight in men and jealousy – in women. Why is that?

The legendary French women like blonde Michèle Mercier and Brigitte Bardot or brunette Fanny Ardant and Juliette Binoche make all people crazy and no one doubts that Paris is the world of fashion and French women are the ones who make the fashion. Though, the present France gives the picture of two extremes: one group adheres to absolute style of Coco and the other creates its own fashion, young, amazing and liberate.

First group of includes French women who consider themselves French from the tender nail and they are not going to make any change. They realize that fashion and chic is not that glitters. Their hair is always well-trimmed, dresses and shirts are thoroughly ironed and jewelry is classic, nothing more as if Coco Chanel was their personal trainer in fashion. Though this category involves women above 40, the models from paris escort agency tend to look the same for ceremonies. The principle is less is no longer more.

The second category of French women causes some kind of amazement and stress. Young girls like wearing Top Knot in the wide variety of the style. They dress in layers. There are a lot of layers of clothes in one color range or identical. Probably Paris is climate changing city and when you go out in the morning you can remove one or two layers of clothes and still feel comfortable.

The fashion is not what designers offer. They do it here. French women dress the way they like since they do not have to prove their feeling of style. It is in their blood. They are mostly well-shaped and the only thing they can do is to keep them in the proper body mass index, what they do successfully. As well, as girls from paris escorts do when they have to be in good physical shape. If they feel like wearing fur and stiletto, they do it. When floor dress or worn denim jeans is preferred, they go for it. They like long scarves of various design and texture to be functional accessory.

If you define the type of your body you can skillfully hide drawbacks and accentuate your pluses you’re your breast is small taken on layered clothes. If your hips are wide, exert attention to your face or upper body. This is what French style does – trimming here and there to outline what should be accentuated. This is the trick used by models from escort paris who are extremely expert in what to wear and how.

The girl that escorts in Paris shall never look clumsy or shaggy since the fashion they adhere to works for them and no one can argue that.

The Main Cities Of France

Cities of France is often quite different from each other. Qualitative study them on our encyclopedia is unlikely to succeed, and that’s a first impression or some interesting background information – is quite real. The list includes the largest city in France.

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